Pet To Joy



Every-time when i think of cute pets I get an avalanche of emotions and a feeling of pure joy. And i very popular music theme is playing in my head. "Ode To Joy" of the famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven a crucial figure in western art music, he remains one of the most famous and influential of all composers. So from there comes the main idea for the promotional video. Cute, caring, lovable pets singing all todether the song "Ode To Joy" in a pets choir. This short promotional video shows variety of pets and their features that the user can choose to interact with and have fun with.

Research and preparation

Humans love their pet dogs in the same way as they do their children, and the feeling is mutual. Researchers found that the hormone oxytocin spikes in both human and pets brains when a pet is gazing at its owner. Oxytocin is known to play a strong role in triggering feelings of unconditional love and protection when owner and pet look into each other’s eyes or embrace. So the findings suggest that owners love their pets in the same way as family members.


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