PUPU ╳ Apeach噗噗屁桃君表情包来袭!

1. Who is Apeach? 


Apeach(桃子)是Kakao Friends中一个迷人而调皮的角色,他出生在一个神奇的秘密森林里,有着一张非常漂亮的粉红色的脸蛋。 朋友们都很“警惕”他,因为他总是充满好奇,并且十分淘气。但Apeach性感的后背和可爱的举止散发着魅力,这就是为什么它被许多人喜欢的原因。

Apeach is a charming and mischievous character among Kakao Friends characters. Apeach, who is born in a mysterious secret forest and has a particularly beautiful pink face, is wary of his friends with overflowing curiosity and mischievousness. But Apeach exudes charm with his sexy back and cute behavior which is the reason why he is loved by many people. 
2. Why Apeach? 



PUPU and Apeach are the characters that attract people through their cute and playful charms among Tencent and Kakao characters. We hope that these two lovely characters with similar personalities will be able to show a new appeal to many people by being selected as the second collaboration characters of Tencent and Kakao.

3. Concept & Keywords  概念与关键词

1) Character personality 角色个性


At the planning stage, we organized the common characteristics of the two characters. These two characters are cute, lovely, and curious which we proceeded the online sticker design based on these characteristics.

2) Key concept 关键概念

考虑到PUPU 和 Apeach 特别受年轻人的喜欢,我们采用了当今的主要趋势之一 —— “复古”这个概念。并通过将时尚和复古元素应用到表情包的道具和背景上来加以呈现。

Considering that PUPU and Apeach are loved especially by young people, we applied the concept of ‘Retro’ which is one of the major trend thesedays. We applied trendy and retro elements in the props and background of the online stickers to express the concept.

3) Character Shape & Expression  角色形状与表情


Apeach is a character that can express emotions through various facial expressions. Not only positive but also negative facial expressions can express Apeach’s cute and humorous charm. We tried to express these various cute facial expressions of Apeach through the online sticker design.

虽然PUPU和Apeach的身体形状都是圆的,但Apeach有一个大脑袋和光滑的身体,胳膊和腿都很长,而PUPU 的身体是圆柱形的,四肢很短。尽管两者的身体比例有所不同,但当将他们放到一起时,我们试图找到一种平衡。此外,在动作表达上,我们也试图突显每个角色的魅力。

Although PUPU and Apeach both has a rounded body shape, Apeach has a large head and a sleek body with long arms and legs, while PUPU has a cylindrical bulky body shape with short limbs. We tried to find a balance of the two characters when shown together despite the difference of their body ratio. Also, when expressing the movement, we tried to emphasize the charms of each character.

4) Keywords 关键词


We selected 16 keywords based on the personalities of the two characters and also emotions that young people can sympathize with. The stickers were designed with the expressions frequently used in daily lives.

4. Design Progress  设计过程

1) Idea sketch 创意草图


The idea sketch and a draft animation were done based on 16 keywords. We designed it according to each keyword and also applied the retro concept so that the playful personality of the two characters can appear well in the animation.

2) Animation 动画


3D online sticker has many restrictions on expression due to the capacity limit, so this online sticker was produced by lowering the animation's frame rate to 15fps. Since it was made with low frame rate, the animation was done focusing on expressing the pose of the characters more clearly.

3) Composition (color)  成分(颜色)


We unified the color scheme while applying colors that can convey a retro feeling and used Apeach’s peach color and PUPU’s black, white, and gold as basic colors.

4) Final Design  最终设计

通过PUPU x Apeach的3D表情包,我们希望两家公司的代表角色在保持个性的同时,可以传达一种新鲜愉悦感,大家在使用这套表情包时也能对PUPU和Apeach 感到更加地熟悉和更有亲近感。

Through this PUPU x Apeach 3D online sticker, the representative characters of both companies wanted to convey a new and pleasant feeling while maintaining their identity. When using these online stickers, we hope more people can feel PUPU and Apeach familiar and friendly.




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