3D AR的应用设计

01 Chinese New Year with Pitu

Pitu had prepared the special contents for Chinese new year festival. So we developed a doggy character and its humorous expression for users’ interests because 2018 is the year of the doggy. In addition, we decided to use AR contents to maximize users’ experiences. It is possible to make real space much more interesting through AR content.


02 Design

Considering Pitu’s main target is young girls, we choose Welsh corgi with charming and adorable appearance. And we designed Welsh corgi in chinese traditional costumes.


03 Animation / Simulation

There are not enough references for Apple's ARKit yet, as the engine released last year. So we had technical difficulties in the process, but tried to express flexible movements while solving the technical problems as much as possible.


04 Chinese New Year Projects

The Chinese new year projects are involved in five projects, three with 3D content and two with 2D content. And these projects are also used in the Qzone and Weishi app.


05 Interactive Contents

06 3D AR Contents

07 Application

The project was finally applied to Pitu, Qzone, and Weishi.


08 About AR Contents

VR and AR are new media technologies that could have huge potential depending on how they are used. However, VR content requires additional devices, and it costs a lot to create virtual space. So It is not easy to make it successful other than in the game industry. On the other hand, many companies, including Apple's ARkit and Google's ARCore, are focusing on stimulating the creation of AR content. In this context, 2018 will be an important year for the AR contents industry. Users still think it difficult to understand AR contents based on 3D technology. Since the impact of the AR technology on users is stronger than the contents themselves, it is hard for them to fully focus on the contents. But sooner than later, the day will come when the technology will meet users' demand and if that is the case, the consequence will be explosive. From now on, if our SNG actively produces AR contents and accumulate experience levels of design and technology, it will become a powerful weapon for the service. In particular, our SNG consisting of social network-based products is so tightly linked that its AR content can be applied simultaneously in various services and produce good results.

Let's go! For AR content kingdom. SNG!



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