WEE & SEE角色设定
来和WEE & SEE一起玩耍吧
01_Character Promotion
Character promotion is important as it stimulates user emotion to make them identify with the brand image. As younger users express their individuality through their preferred brands, the use of characters can be a good form of promotion. In addition, for the mobile generation who consume short Snack Culture, characters with unique personalities can quickly capture their attention. As those images can be easily shared, the capability for diffusion of the contents is very high.

塑造刺激用户感官且对品牌形象产生共鸣的卡通形象非常重要。年轻用户通过喜爱的品牌表现出自己的个性,因此活用卡通形象可以成为很好的宣传活动。此外,在消费短暂快餐文化(Snack Culture)的移动通信时代,具有强烈个性的卡通形象,可快速吸引用户的视线。因此,作为可以轻松分享这些形象的产品,其扩散性很高。

02_Character Identity

The personality definition of a character is very important in developing promotions. It is important to design the character and position its personality so that it maintains the tone and manner of the brand while at the same time make the user identify with and feel close to the character.


While Welsh Corgis normally have a laid back personality, they are very active and enthusiastic about play. In addition, they are loved by many people because of their intelligence and friendly personality. We established a cooler and more stylish character identity based on this basic personality.


WEE is a genius music producer. He is very skilled at interpreting various genres of music with his own unique sensibility. However, he always wears sunglasses as he does not like to directly show his emotions, and maintains a cold and chic attitude. Secretly inside, he likes to closely observe his surroundings and indirectly show his emotions. In contrast, when he is working on music he is very enthusiastic and actively shows his emotions.


SEE is a celebrity dancer. She is very skilled at dancing trendy dances to match various types of music. She does not hesitate to try something new, and always steps forward as the life of the party in front of people. However, due to her unique determination and competitiveness, she really dislikes people who hurt her pride. Recently she is coming to be close to WEE after she came to appear in his music video.


03_Character Design Progress

It is important in character design to understand the overall process from the concept stage to animation, and to pay attention to the details of each part.


04_Character Promotion Strategy for Wesee

A long-term plan is required for the user to become familiar with the character. First of all, we need to establish the identity of the character, and keep in tune with users by quickly paying attention to everyday issues. Especially when collaborating, it would be ideal to sufficiently understand the counterpart brand, and conduct the collaboration in a range that does not depart from the identity of the character.



It is a promotion method that allows us to interact and communicate with users at the event location. In the future, we can continue to create video contents through promotions such as dancing and taking photographs together etc.



We designed the character to fit the concept of the collaboration brand. As such it is important to maintain a balance between the characteristics of the collaboration brand and the personality of the character.



We found music that users would be interested in, and added dance to it. In addition, we conducted a campaign where the users could follow along to characters that danced to the music. Users can upload this video to Wesee(微视).



This is a teaser video to announce the birth of the Wee&See characters. We look forward to the path that the loving and talented WEE&SEE will forge.


09_About Character Promotion

Wesee(微视) is a platform that shows the individuality of the user. Of course, the user themselves are the target of that content, but by using characters, more plentiful contents can be created. As characters intrinsically have the elements of fun and joy, it will fit even better with the brand image that Wesee(微视) is pursuing. Characters are contents that are appropriate for One Source Multi-Use (OSMU) which makes them able to be expanded into various forms, so let us look forward to the active role of WEE & SEE at Wesee(微视) in the future!


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