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一、概述 Overview

为了纪念2022年虎年,我们设计了这个特别版本的玩具——虎噗。这套玩具有两个角色:"HUPU虎噗 "是一只穿着老虎服装的PUPU,"TIGE泰哥 "是一只可爱的小老虎,总是和HUPU在一起。让我们通过下面的内容来了解这两个新角色是如何创造出来的!

To commemorate the 2022 Tiger Year, we have designed this special version toy, Tiger PUPU. There are two characters in this toy set : ‘HUPU(虎噗)’ a PUPU in tiger costume, and ‘TIGE(泰哥)’ a little cute baby tiger who always hangs around with HUPU. Let's find out how these new two characters were created through the contents below!

二、玩具设计 Toy Design

1、构思草图 Idea Sketch

刚开始设计Tiger PUPU玩具时,我们只是想给PUPU穿上一件可爱的老虎服装。但在我们尝试了各种可爱的草图之后,发现这并不足够去表达它独特的感觉。

When we first started to design the Tiger PUPU toy, we simply tried to put a cute tiger costume on PUPU. We tried various cute sketches, but it was not enough to convey a unique feeling.


In the process of determining the concept of this toy, we decided that if we make a toy just by applying tiger patterns, it might not be differentiated from other tiger toys. To make the toy more unique, we decided to apply a street fashion mood to the concept. We tried to express the street feeling by combining tiger patterns with camouflage patterns that represent street fashion. In addition, items such as a backpack and skateboard were added to show more of street culture mood to the toy. 


PUPU was sketched out with various costumes such as sneakers, hoodies, camp caps, bucket hats, and varsity jackets. In addition, a baby tiger TIGE was newly designed to give a new identity to the Tiger PUPU toy. In order to unify the baby tiger shape with PUPU, PUPU's distinctive mouth shape was applied. PUPU for this tiger concept toy was specially named as HUPU(虎噗) and the baby tiger were decided as and TIGE(泰哥).


The final sketch was decided in two versions: HUPU wearing a hoodie and the varsity jacket. We also designed TIGE to wear similar clothes with HUPU and also made him pose the same.

2、玩具设计 Toy Design


Based on the idea sketch, we have conducted 3D modeling of HUPU in two directions. First direction was HUPU in a hoodie and a skateboard attached on his back, and the other one was designed in HUPU wearing varsity jacket. Among these two designs, a hoodie-type HUPU that can show more street mood was finally decided to be produced as a toy. The 3D version of TIGE was designed considering that the overall head, body, and leg ratio can be similar to HUPU.


Skateboards were made to be attached to the bag with magnets, so the skateboard could be attached to the bag or placed under the feet of the HUPU which added fun to the toy.

3、图形设计 Graphic Design

Tiger PUPU玩具的滑板、背包和服装图案的整体图形设计基于街头时尚。可以让人联想到纯正的街头风格的图形,能够让它更具潮流感。

Tiger PUPU Toy's overall graphic designs for skateboards, backpacks, and clothing patterns are based on street fashion. By applying graphics that can be reminiscent of real street fashion brands, we were able to add a trendy feeling to the toy.

4、图案设计 Pattern Design


When creating HUPU and TIGE's costume patterns, the focus was on the natural blend of tiger patterns and camouflage patterns. To this end, the pattern design was completed by first designing a tiger pattern on top of toy modeling and then producing a camouflage pattern to suit the shape of the designed tiger pattern.

5、颜色和材料 Color & Material


After the basic pattern design was set, various proposals were tested to determine the overall color and material of toy and were finally produced in two versions. The first is the version with khaki pattern, using the basic color of PUPU and applying gold as a point color, and the second is the version using blue-tone metal material to the character's body that can emphasize a luxurious feeling.

6、最终产品 Final Toy


These two completed color versions of toys are randomly included in the package, which can be a surprise for customers.

三、LOGO和包装盒设计 Logo&Pakcage Design


The package design consists of three types of designs: packaging box, poster, and certificate card . Let's check the process of package design through the contents below.

1、图形元素 Graphic Elements


We first designed the logo, symbol and patterns for HUPU&TIGE theme to apply it on various products. The faces of HUPU and TIGE were made into a simple symbol shape so that they could be applied to various products.In addition to the tiger pattern used in toys, HUPU and TIGE faces were applied to the camouflage pattern and actively used in the package.

2、包装盒 Package Box


When designing the package, we thought about a package with a lot of black tone that was designed to fit both toys to be produced in two colors and to reflect the overall mood of the toy. The main logo was emphasized on the front of the package, and the tiger patterns and camouflage patterns used in toys were applied in harmony.

3、认证卡 Certification Card


For the certification card, it was decided to use the black color and hologram textures to show the premium image of the tiger year limited toy. The front part was designed with the TIGE's logo and the back part was applied with camo patterns.

4、海报 Poster


The graphic which was designed with TIGE's face was also used in the poster. To make the poster more unique and stylish, we filled TIGE’s face with vivid colored camo patterns and designed the ring-shaped text to surround TIGE’s face. 


In addition to the poster, a moving poster was also designed. TIGE's face and the texts rotate and the pattern in the background moves slowly.

四、应用设计 Application Design


Various products will be produced using HUPU and TIGE characters. Considering the main targets, we tried to maintain a hip and cool mood, and all the products are practical and consist of things that can reveal the Tiger PUPU theme well.

1、颜色方案 Color Scheme


The applications are designed with the colors used in the character so that the image of the character can come to mind when looking at the product.

2、时尚物品 Fashion Items


Graphics and patterns were applied to various items such as jumpers, hoodies, slippers, and hats while maintaining a cool and hip mood.

3、生活用品 Living Items


While allowing the brand themes of HUPU and TIGE to be consistently applied to various products, colors and patterns were optimized according to the material and characteristics of each product.

4、新年产品 Spacial items for the new year


We also made some products with 2022 Chinese new year concept, using HUPU&TIGE theme. With HUPU and TIGE graphic, we used some representative images of Chinese new year such as red, firework, lantern, dragon, etc. We expect that this Chinese New year theme can be very popular during the new year season.

在这个主题中,我们使用了与Tiger PUPU玩具概念略有不同的配色方案,以表达新年的心情。主要使用了暖色调,并以橙色作为重点颜色。

For this theme, we used slightly different color scheme from the Tiger PUPU toy concept to express the new year holiday’s mood. We used warm colors mainly and orange as a point color.

为了这个主题,我们为所有的产品设计了2种主要图形:一种是使用龙的图形(PUPU aliens的Dinoo),一种是使用HUPU和TIGE图案的图形。

For this theme, we designed 2 kinds of main graphics for all the products: a graphic using dragon(Dinoo of PUPU aliens), a graphic using HUPU & TIGE pattern.

5、包装设计 Package design

对于包装设计,我们试图让所有不同的产品保持一个相同的氛围。主要使用的主色调为黑色和黄色,以及TIger PUPU的迷彩图案。

For the package design, we tried to maintain a consistent mood for all the different products. We mainly used the main color, black & yellow, and TIger PUPU’s camouflage pattern.


Before designing the package, we made a label design to apply for various products. We designed it simple to show HUPU&TIGE’s name clearly and to be applied to various designs flexibly.

包含Tiger PUPU玩具在内,我们还为即将到来的2022年的虎年设计了各种产品。不只重新解析"老虎"和 "新年"的主题,还结合街头的风格,使其看起来更加潮流。我们期待在新的一年里能够更加受到大家的喜爱。

Including Tiger PUPU Toy, we designed a variety of products for the upcoming year of the tiger in 2022. We reinterpreted the theme ‘tiger’ and ‘new year’ and combined the mood of street fashion and made it look much more trendy. We’re looking forward to getting great popularity in the new year.

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