PUPU奇幻之旅 - 品牌视频设定
Video promotion to enhance character identity.

01 Project Overview

看过Pupu的人可能会怀过跟‘这个可爱的角色是从哪里来的?’相似的一些问题。 对这些问题,我们想通过制作一个解释Pupu开头的简短动画来说明。 因此,这部动画重点是说明Pupu的背景故事和细节特征。 另外,在制作该视频的过程中,为了使故事更加有趣,出现了Pupu craft或ufo等新概念。 这段视频将成为下一集Pupu小插曲的指导方针。 

People who has seen Pupu might have had some questions in their mind like ‘Where on earth did this cute characters come from?’. We’ve wanted to answer this question by making a short animation explaining the beginning of Pupu. This short animation focuses on describing the background story of Pupu and also shows the detailed characteristics of this cute creature. While making this video, some new concepts like Pupu craft or UFO were made to make the story more interesting. This video can be a guideline for all the following episodes for Pupu.

02 Work Process

03 Concept and Story

从‘Pupu聚居在Pupu planet,为了寻觅美妙声音,畅游太空"的大纲开始,故事开始被创造。 而且通过各种有趣的设定,完成了Pupu。

All the story starts from that Pupus live in a plantet called ‘Pupu planet’ and they travel the space to find a beautiful sound . The stories were made by adding some fun and interesting concepts .

04 Key Visual Design

我们假定Pupu们具有很高的科学水平,并想像Pupu乘坐宇宙飞船在太空中游荡的形状。我们在《星球大战》和《2001太空漫游》等科幻片中收集了图像,并应用了于 pupu craft 的设计。 

Assuming that Pupus have achieved a high standard of science technology, we’ve tried to imagin the shape of an aircraft that Pupus ride on space. We’ve collected the images from sci-fi movie such as starwars, 2001 space odyssey and applied the visual elements to Pupu craft.

05 Final Output


3月23日,以Pupu为主题的线下展览《企鹅奇幻之旅》将正式开展, 目前早鸟票已开始发售,早鸟票最高享五折优惠!想查看展览详情并购票可直接扫描海报二维码哦!


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