01 项目概述 | OVERVIEW

BE@RBRICK 一直将潮流元素、街头文化、电影进行跨界结合,并且与全球各地的艺术家、设计师、流行品牌合作,推出独一无二的限量版、特别版潮流玩具,深受全球潮流玩具收藏家喜爱。

BE@RBRICK has released several unique limited edition and special edition trend toys by combining the trendy elements, street culture, and movies, and collaborating with artists, designers, and popular brands around the world, which is loved by global trend toy collectors. 


QQ, from Tencent has been devoted to cooperate with different brands and integrate with the platform representing the world trend, which has launched a lot of refreshing and memorable trendy toys. Take into consideration of the comprehensive perception of trendy brands of the toy enthusiasts and the quick match of their favorables, QQ mini app (QQ 小程序) was born and has brought together all series of QQ toys systematically. 

02 设计过程 | PROCESS


QQ,a legend of the evergreen internet products in China, which brings together each user's own QQ time course. Exploring the future and technology is the main theme of this design. This co-brand design revolves around "exploration and technology" for visual fusion, so as to draw out the perceptions and memories of everyone’s link with QQ concerning growth, youth, communication, and the flow of the times.



Once the theme is confirmed, the designer needs to diffuse the key words and extract the visual elements.

视觉探索 | EXPLORE



QQ is designed by sampling the daily clips with the characteristics of the times, the Internet, and the space universe, which reflects the diverse attitudes of young people by using various colors. The small surprises which detonate memories are embedded, which struck a responsive chord in the hearts of QQ users.

用QQ的形象延展了不同的宇航员形象,辅以大片流动的装饰元素环绕角色附近,增加画面的氛围感外,也表达了QQ在时代变迁的湍流变幻中勇于尝试的探索者精神。为了完整呈现QQ的形象和考虑到后面有延展周边和适配不同的个性化 主题的需求,所以每个角色都是单独可以抽取出来做图案的,构图整体会采用平铺的形式。

The images of different astronauts are created by extending the QQ image, which are supplemented by the decorative elements standing for the flow. In addition to increasing the sense of atmosphere, this design also expresses the spirit of brave explorers in the turbulent changes of the times. In order to fully present the image of QQ and further extend of surroundings and adapt to the different personalized themes, each character could be individually extracted for designing the patterns, and the overall composition will be in the form of tiles.


Due the style of universe theme, the main color is designed to present the vastness of the universe which is full of the unknow, also presents the characteristics of QQ. Finally, we determined to use the blue supplemented by yellow and purple as the main colors, and increase the atmosphere by using the small area of contrast colors.




As to the propaganda, the pre-heated poster is designed by using the key visual illustration.


In addition, the pre-heated poster of dark version was added to the content originally requested by the official. The overall display of the product is in the form of a large backlight supplemented by looming illustration shading. The large title through adding a shimmering feeling, which shows a person standing in the center of the stage, and the spotlight is shining on his body. The looming outline enhances the overall atmosphere and the mystery of the product, thereby arousing the curiosity of the user.



【Creative Planning】


In order to combine with the current art style, the 2D frame-by-frame can better express the trend culture of QQ and BE@RBRICK by shaping BE@RBRICK into an astronaut freely to explore in space and time.



From an old computer to a space-time tunnel, we met various QQ planets and an astronaut BE@RBRICK with an oxygen hood. They shuttled through the time universe, finally collided with the hot sparks in the eyes of QQ, and perfectly merged in the final appearance of the product.

【Color Script】


The first version of the color matching is overall blue and orange, and later we considered that the main product itself is colorful, so different matching schemes are added to the color. In addition, some elements have added textures to enrich the picture hierarchy and scheduling atmosphere.

第二版画面配色 | The second version of the color matching

【Animation Process】

【Final Copy】



The requirement of this shooting is to hide the warm-up, so there will be a little suspense while displaying the main product body, therefore the backlight and side light are chosen. 



Black suede background cloth / Black still life table (in order to absorb excess light, it will not reflect light)


Two flashes / Soft box (in order to make a clean and beautiful modeling light on the left and right sides of BE@RBRICK)



Soft boxes are placed on both sides to create looming toy outlines.

03 小结 | SUMMARY

本次合作通过创意涂鸦的形式把QQ 的形象融合在BE@RBRICK体内,以此和国际潮玩接轨,后续还会以不同的视觉表达和概念打造更多让受众记忆深刻的,具有差异化的BE@RBRICK,敬请期待。

This collaboration is to merge the image of QQ into the BE@RBRICK by using creative graffiti, which integrates with the international trend. 

↓6月28日正式发售,扫描下方二维码直接购买,扫码加入粉丝群,可以获取更多QQ STUDIOS的产品信息。↓

↓This co-brand product will be officially released on June 28, please scan the QR code below to purchase and join in the fans group to get more product information of QQ studios.↓


✨At the end of this article, you can download the HD wallpaper without watermark.✨

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