QTX潮玩展 | 艺展美陈空间设计揭秘

前言 :在上篇QQ潮玩展的文章里给大家分享了有关「创意品牌设计系统」的构思过程,想必大家都意犹未尽。好的展会品牌系统也要有极具创意的美陈装置来烘托氛围,它们相互衬托呼应让展览达到最佳效果。本篇文章将给大家分享QQ潮玩展中那些好玩有趣的创意装置从设计到落地的整个过程,干货满满。

Foreword: In the last article of QQ Art Toys Expo,we shared the conception process of the "Creative Brand Design System". A good exhibition brand system must also have highly creative display devices to set off the atmosphere of the whole expo, which must complement each other to achieve the best results for the exhibition.

This article will share how we designed and installed the creative installations in the QQ Art Toy Show.


In line with the theme of "Born to be CQQL PLAYERS", we combined the QQ IP image with the installations, which fits the basic attributes of the design trendy at the same time, making a spot that is “ I came,I saw,I took pictures” .

1. 场地规划 Site Planning


You must be curious about how do we plan the entire square space division? Due to the Epidemic, the organizer chose to use the “semi-open” format as the venue for this event. At the same time, it also has limitations: irregular space, limited usable area, movement lines, outdoor factors, etc... Designers must overcome these problems one by one to make the project proceed smoothly.


In the early stage of the project, in addition to the target inspection and data collection of the market and consumers, the first step-field inspection is the most important part of the designer. They must have a good understanding of the site size, structure, resources, etc., before they can do the rest such as space zoning planning and route planning in order to better control budget, installations and other design quantities, as well as various process planning, event arrangements and security logistics and strive to create a complete systematic process experience, and the most unified and complete "semi-open outdoor fashion show" with visual design.

- 实地考察&空间划分 Site visit and Space Division


In addition to taking photos and recording videos during the site visit phase, the general distribution of the venue and the relationship between the buildings, installations & exhibition area and route planning need to be discussed and drafted on the spot, and the plan should be discussed directly with the site provider. A clear understanding of entrances and exits, loading and unloading channels, traffic parking, hydropower equipment, etc., as soon as possible is a must to reduce unnecessary reviews and misunderstandings, which improves the rationality of the plan.


After sorting out the available space within the site and initially drawing up the areas, we started to divide the spaces on the map according to the actual size.

- 细分空间布局 Subdivided-space layout


We subdivided the details in the area and developed a design work list and evaluate the workload by repeatedly confirming the design list.


After gradually clear planning, we started to create and design. The early stage of the whole design will still be divided into two modules: "Creative Installation for the Public" and "Main Venue Planning and Design". Of course, there will be "Activity Area", "Ticketing Queuing Channel", "Warehouse Location", etc. The modules need to be coordinated as a whole, and finally they are connected as a whole through the "guide system" to form a whole exhibition system. Each step in the early stage is very important, and indispensable and closely related to each other.


Compared with the design of other modules, the "Creative Installation" module is the area where designers can show their creativity. We will reveal the entire creation process of the core installation as belows.

2. 美陈装置 Installations

- 顽鹅隧道 QQ Chanels

1) 前期构思  Early Conception


After analyzing the site planning, we were supposed to build a distinctive gate on the passage leading to the main venue. The purpose is to let visitors see the brand of QQ Art Toys exhibition at a glance and attract them to take pictures. We also want to use this device to make visitors feel of entering a parallel space to start a fun tour.

2) 设计规划 Design Planning


Before designing, the designer went to the field many times to make a one-to-one precise measurement of the designable area on the map, transforming from the design to the multi-dimensional space. According to the actual site, we planned to use the flyover to make a space tunnel combined with the door.

3)概念草图  Concept sketch


After the creative brainstorm, we started to design the space-time tunnel and integrated the IP image into the design in the first sketch.


After comparing and analyzing the light source and the environment, the designer re-adjusted the design plan, combining the colorful colloidal properties of the toy with the concept of a space-time tunnel, and redesigned two more transparent and colorful space-time tunnels.


After several rounds of discussion, we decided to choose the square-rotating plan, and calculated the most suitable length and the number of boxes according to the space distance of the scene. In order to achieve the best visual effect, the rotation angle of each box was fine adjusted.

4)3D模型  3D Model


In order to see the effect of the entire tunnel at different angles more intuitively, the plan view was converted into a 3D model.


Once the form of the tunnel was confirmed, we matched the IP Toy with the board over the gate.

5)颜色与材质  Colours and Materials


In order to restore the brilliant and colorful colors of the tunnel in the design sketch, we chose two materials, acrylic sheet and high-transparent colorful film, and evaluated the color effect of light reflected from different angles.

6)搭建过程&最终效果  Construction and Final effect


After confirming all the components in the early stage, they can finally be shipped to the site for installation. In the process, the designer will adjust and control every installation detail.


Construction is done, as we can see below.


The fans were so crazy in order to buy they favorable toys, and couldn't restrain their joy on the face.


Take a look at the bling-bling effect at night!

- 脑洞空间 Creatie Space

1. 前期计划  Preliminary plan


According to the actual site, there will be a short distance from the entrance to the security check-in area of the exhibition. We planned to install a simple device in this area. This device is located in a non-charging area and in front of the entrance of the exhibition, we hope that this device has two functions: visitors can have a certain understanding of QTX and our theme and also be able to take a picture for propaganda.

2)内容构思  Content Conception


We divided the installation into two large spaces.


In the first space we tell the brand story of CQQL PLAYERS to the vistors. As mentioned in the previous article "Creative Brand Design System", we used "20 QQ Face" as the main symbol to create the IP of "CQQL PLAYERS" and redefine the history of toys. From the ancient times to the present, all toys have evolved through "QQ infection". Through simple forms such as touch, the CQQL PLAYERS as the "creator" of the world turns all the objects around him into toys with the characteristics of "20 QQ faces", making everything playable.


We divided the "Evolution History of CQQL PLAYERS" into six phases, and created a batch of "CQQL PLAYERS" with the characteristics of the times. These "CQQL PLAYERS" are "placed" on the wall of the installation, and visitors who enter the installation can quickly understand the past and present of the brand story, so we named this device "Creative Space".


As mentioned in the "Creative Brand Design System", the most commonly used auxiliary graphics for QTX is the concept of brain waves. Therefore, in the pattern design of this space, we used a large area of black lines on a white background to form a visually distorted space.

在第二个空间中,我们主要展示了“顽鹅”和各大IP的联合海报。“20鹅脸”是专属于QTX 2020的视觉符号,各大IP与顽鹅在“平行时空”相遇,脸上出现了在此次平行时空中的专属印记。

In the second space, we mainly displayed the co-branded posters of 20 QQ faces and other imagines. "20 QQ Face" is a visual symbol exclusively designed for QTX 2020. The other imagines and the 20 QQ faces meet in "parallel time and space", and also the exclusive mark of this parallel time and space appears on their faces.

外墙图案上,朝电梯入口的一面,我们用了“顽鹅世界进化史画卷”组成的QTX 2020字样,画卷从左往右演绎着QTX的“进化史”,也连接着“顽鹅”的过去和未来。

On the pattern of exterior wall, we used the words "QTX 2020" composed of "the evolutionary history of the CQQL PLAYERS, also connected the Past and Future.


On the other side of the square, we set up a big map of the exhibition, from which visitors can clearly understand all information of the venue.

3)3D模型  3D Model


We had to take the location, cost, and security into consideration while designing the structure of Creative Space, so it was designed as a semi-open tunnel which is divided into two spaces by a wall, forming a comparatively independent and consistent.


A glass skylight is opened on the top, and colored QTX elements are pasted. The color patterns will be projected on the ground under natural light during the day; even on rainy days, a good visual effect still can be seen.


3D model effect of Creative Space shown as belows:

4)搭建过程&最终效果  Construction and Final effect


After many rounds of communication and revisions, we give the final diagrams to the construction supplier and the designer also continued to follow up and control the details during the construction process.


Construction is done, let's take pictures.

- 立体字 Cubic Font


3. 玻璃钢装置  FRP design 

 - 规划  Planning

为了让QTX的游客能自然而然地体验我们的角色IP,我们将QQfamily和PUPU Aliens制作成玻璃钢。游客在活动与大型角色们一起拍照,可以使我们的角色得到有效的曝光。

QQfamily and PUPU Aliens were produced as FRPs so that the 2020 QTX visitors can naturally experience our character IPS. By allowing visitors to take pictures and have fun with large size characters, we were able to effectively expose our characters.

이번 2020 QTX 방문객들이 자연스럽게 우리의 캐릭터 IP를 경험할 수 있도록 QQfamily와 PUPU Aliens를 FRP로 제작해 행사장 곳곳에 설치했다. 방문객들이 대형 캐릭터들과 함께 사진을 찍고 즐기게 함으로써 우리의 캐릭터들을 효과적으로 노출 할 수 있었다. 

- 概念草图 Idea Skatch


Depending on the place to be installed, we have set up the design concept of each sculpture and made poses to show the characteristics of each character. The sculpture placed at the entrance was shaking hands, welcoming the visitors. The sculptures which were installed in the wide plaza was posing to make visitors take commemorative photos with the characters. The characters of this sculpture were made in the street fashion concept so that the characters could look more fresh and attractive to the visitors, and added the accessories and clothes to enhance the details

설치될 장소에 따라 각 조형물의 디자인 컨셉을 잡고, 각 캐릭터들의 성격이 잘 보이도록 포즈를 구성했다. 입구에 설치된 조형물은 손을 흔들고 있기도 하고, 넓은 광장에 설치된 조형물들은 관람객이 기념사진을 찍기 좋게 포즈를 취하도록 했다. 이번에 제작된 조형물의 캐릭터들에게는 스트릿 패션 컨셉을 적용하여 관람객들에게 캐릭터들이 보다 새롭고 매력적으로 보일 수 있도록 하였고, 악세서리나 옷의 디테일을 더하여 완성도를 높여주었다. 

-主玻璃钢 Main FRP 

对于主玻璃钢,我们的想法是将QQ和PUPU Aliens的代表角色结合在一起。PUPU放在QQ头上,QQ放在地板,这样就可以安全地安装7米高的雕塑。我们用CiCi踩着BoBo,Dinoo喷火,EE玩滑板来反映所有角色的性格。QQ穿着红色连帽衫和运动鞋,增添时尚感,PUPU Aliens则通过帽子、包包和溜冰鞋等配件增加街头风格。

For the main FRP, we have thought of ideas to combine the representative character QQ and PUPU Aliens together. PUPU is placed over the head of QQ and QQ is placed on the floor so that 7m high sculpture can be safely installed. Reflecting each character's character in all designs, we made CiCi stepping on Bobo, an angry Dinoo firing fire, and EE playing on a skateboard. QQ is wearing a red hoodie and sneakers to add a trendy feel, and PUPU Aliens added street style with accessories such as hats, bags and skates.

메인 조형물에는 대표 캐릭터 QQ와 PUPU Aliens가 같이 잘 조합될 수 있도록 고민을 많이 했다. PUPU를 QQ의 머리에 올리고 QQ를 바닥에 앉혀서 7m 높이의 조형물이 안정감있게 설치 될 수 있도록 디자인했다. 모든 디자인에 각각의 캐릭터 성격을 반영하여, 주목받기 좋아하는 CiCi가 Bobo를 밟고 있게 하거나, 화난 Dinoo가 불을 뿜고, EE는 장난스럽게 스케이트 보드를 타고 있는 모습을 표현하였다. QQ에게는 빨간 후드를 입히고 운동화를 신겨 트렌디한 느낌을 더하였고, PUPU Aliens에도 모자, 가방, 스케이트 등을 악세서리를 이용해 스트리트 감성을 추가했다. 

1)玻璃钢A | FRP A 


The sculpture, which was placed at the entrance of the venue, posed for PUPU, CiCi and EE to greet the audience. We applied trendy street fashion style to the characters which were built in three tiers.

행사장 입구에 배치되었던 이 조형물은 관객들을 환영하는 느낌을 주기 위해 PUPU, CiCi, EE가 인사 하는 포즈를 잡았다. 3단으로 쌓아 올린 캐릭터 형태에 스트릿 패션을 적용해서 좀 더 트렌디 해보이도록 했다. 

2) 玻璃钢B | FRP B 


We thought it would be nice if there was a concept of FRP that the audience could take pictures together. QQfamily characters were designed to sit on the bench and take pictures side by side, taking selfies. Dov is holding his cell phone, PUPU and babyQ are posing, which also applied with trendy street fashion items such as hats and bags.

관객들이 캐릭터들과 함께 사진을 찍는 컨셉을 적용하여, 벤치에 앉아 나란히 셀피를 찍고있는 QQfamily 캐릭터들을 디자인하였다. Dov는 핸드폰을 들고 있고, PUPU랑 babyQ는 포즈를 취하고 있다. 여기에도 역시 모자, 가방 등 트렌디한 스트릿 패션 아이템을 적용해서 좀 더 매력적으로 만들었다.

3)玻璃钢C,D,E | FRP C, D, E 

为了符合PUPU Aliens来自外天空的概念,我们制作了PUPU Aliens在PUPU星球上的雕塑。PUPU Aliens 在三个不同尺寸的星球上摆出独特的姿势。

To match the concept of PUPU Aliens from space, PUPU Aliens on the PUPU planet were made into sculptures. PUPU Aliens pose in a unique pose on three different sized PUPU planets.

우주에서 온 컨셉에 맞춰 PUPU 행성에 올라가있는 PUPU Aliens들을 조형물로 만들었다. 3가지 다양한 크기의 행성 위에서 PUPU Aliens들이 개성있는 포즈를 취하고 있다.

4)玻璃钢F | FRP F 

EE是PUPU Aliens中聪明积极和最强大的,运用这一特点,我们把它用力“加油”的姿势制作成了雕塑。

EE is bright and positive, and is the strongest among the PUPU Aliens. We applied this characteristic of EE to make it as a sculpture with a pose of shouting 'cheer up' vigorously.

EE는 밝고 긍정적이며 PUPU Aliens 중에 가장 힘이 세다. 이런 EE의 캐릭터를 활용해 힘차게 ‘화이팅’을 외치는 포즈로 조형물을 만들었다. 

5)气球 | Balloon 


The lied down QQ, which had been placed over a high sculpture, was made of balloon material; it was made in a lied down pose so that the audience could have an eye contact with QQ. We have added street style by making QQ to wear a red jacket. Also, the QTX logo was put on the back side considering the air view.

높은 조형물 위에 배치되었던 엎드린 QQ는 풍선 재질로 만들었다. 관객들과 눈이 마주칠 수 있도록 엎드린 형태로 포즈로 제작되었고, 빨간 점퍼를 입혀서 스트릿 감성을 추가했다. 아래에서는 보이지 않지만, 항공뷰를 고려하여 등쪽에 QTX 로고를 넣었다.

-3D modeling 建模


Since FRPs are actually made and installed at the venue, it was important to pay attention to all the details of 360 degrees, and we also needed to focus on making a stable form so that the FRPS can be installed safety. While working on the modeling, we adjusted the proportion of the body for various poses of the characters, and we also paid much attention to details to improve the completeness of the sculpture.

FRP는 실물로 제작해서 행사장에 설치되는 것들이기 때문에 360도 전체의 디테일을 모두 신경써야 했고, 안전을 고려하여 설치물이 안정감 있는 형태로 제작하는것 또한 중요했다. 모델링을 하면서 캐릭터의 다양한 포즈를 위해 몸의 비율을 조정하였고, 조형물의 완성도를 높이기 위해서 디테일에도 신경을 많이 썼다.


The appearance and clothes of the character are simple overall, but in order to improve the completeness, the sewing line, zipper, button, and the texture of the hat are expressed by modeling. Especially, we designed the bottom of QQ’s shoes because the soles of the feet were seen well in the front view because of his pose.

캐릭터 외형이나 옷은 전체적으로 심플한 형태이지만 완성도를 높이기 위해 재봉선, 지퍼, 단추, 모자의 재질감 등을 모델링으로 표현했다. 특히 QQ는 포즈 특성상 발바닥이 많이 보였기 때문에, 신발의 바닥면도 신경 써서 디자인했다.


By expressing the weight of the characters such as the slightly pressed face of the PUPU or BoBo’s body pressed by the feet of CiCi, it made the poses more natural.

PUPU의 살짝 눌린 볼, CiCi의 발에 눌린 BoBo의 몸 등 캐릭터들의 무게감을 표현해서 포즈를 좀 더 자연스럽게 만들었다.


We tried to make sure that we did not deviate much from the original character image while slightly transforming the body for a concept-compatible pose.

컨셉에 맞는 포즈를 위해 위해 몸의 형태를 일부 변형하기도 했지만, 원래의 캐릭터 이미지에서 크게 벗어나지 않게 하려 노력했다. 


The size of the Main FRP was so large that it was made in a sitting position for a stable installation, and the circular FRPs were able to stand steadily by cutting the bottom part. And at first, Dinoo was blowing the fire into the sky, but changed the direction of the fire for stable installation.

Main FRP의 크기가 매우 컸기 때문에 안정적인 설치를 위해 QQ를 앉은 자세로 만들었다. 그리고 구형태의 조형물들은 바닥을 커팅해 안정적으로 서있을 수 있게 했다. 또한 처음에 Dinoo가 불을 하늘로 뿜게 만들었지만, 안정적인 설치를 위해 불의 방향을 아래로 변경했다. 

- 颜色与图案 Color and Pattern 


Because clothes and items were added according to the concept of each sculpture, we focused on selecting the right color tone that matches the original color of the character. When selecting colors, the main color used by each character was applied first, but the tone was adjusted considering the color combination with other characters. We added various patterns and graphics to add detail.

각 조형물의 컨셉에 따라서 옷이나 아이템이 추가 되었기 때문에, 캐릭터 본래의 색과 잘 어울리는 컬러톤에 대한 고민을 많이 했다. 색을 선정할 때는 기본적으로 각 캐릭터가 기존에 사용하던 메인컬러를 우선으로 적용하되, 다른 캐릭터들과의 컬러 조합 또한 고려하여 톤을 맞춰 나갔다. 그리고 여러 패턴과 그래픽을 추가해 디테일을 더하였다. 

连帽衫使用QQ的围巾颜色(红色)彰显QQ的身份。此外,为了保持街头风和复古感,我们还用像素概念设计了含有QQ STUDIO logo的品牌标签。PUPU的帽子用紫色来给它的基本颜色金色做点缀,另外我们还通过在配件上贴品牌logo的方式曝光PUPU Aliens品牌。

The QQ’s scarf color, red, was applied to the hoodie to show the identity of QQ. In addition, we applied waffen designed with pixel concept to apply street and retro style, and brand tag with QQstudio logo. The PUPU gave points to the purple hat with his basic color, gold. In addition, PUPU Aliens exposed their brand by applying the brand logo on the accessories.

QQ의 스카프 컬러인 빨강을 후디에 적용해서 QQ의 아이덴티티를 보여주었다. 또한 레트로 하면서 스트릿 감성을 적용하기 위해 도트 픽셀 느낌으로 와펜을 적용했고, QQstudio로고가 적용된 tag를 붙였다. PUPU는 보라색 모자에 기본 컬러인 골드로 포인트를 주었다. 또한 PUPU Aliens들은 브랜드 로고를 이용해서 악세사리에 적용해 디테일을 주면서도 PUPU Aliens의 브랜드를 노출하였다. 


Dov, who uses yellow as an auxiliary color, wears a yellow T-shirt, and babyQ applies his character color blue, to items. QQ mainly uses red and gives points in purple, and makes graphics and logos according to the street concept and applies them to clothes.

노란색을 보조 컬러로 사용하고 있는 Dov는 노란색의 티셔츠를 입혔고, babyQ는 기존의 캐릭터 컬러인 파란색을 아이템들에 적용했다. QQ는 메인 컬러인 빨간색을 주로 사용하고 보라색으로 포인트를 주고 스트릿 컨셉에 맞춰서 그래픽과 로고 등을 만들어 옷에 적용해 주었다.

服装颜色与角色身体颜色相匹配。橙色的T恤搭配CiCi的嘴和脚,为了与CiCi相匹配,帽子也被调成了蓝绿色。 EE戴着一顶棕色的帽子,这顶帽子与金色很相配。

The color of the clothes was chosen to match the body colors of the characters; CiCi wore an orange T-shirt to match the lips and legs, and the hat was set to bluish green to match. EE wears a brown hat that blends well with gold.

캐릭터들의 몸 색과 어울리게 옷의 색상을 선정했다. CiCi는 입술과 다리색에 맞춰 주황색 티셔츠를 입었고, 모자는 그에 맞춰 청록색으로 정했다. EE는 금색과 잘 어우러지는 갈색 모자를 쓰고 있다.


To give a dynamic impression, we applied '加油' and eyebrows on EE's headband.

좀 더 역동적인 표정을 위해 EE의 머리띠에 加油와 눈썹을 그려 적용했다. 

-最终形象 Final Image


This is the final design of the FRPs. We tried to make a trendy attempt while producing these FRPs without losing the characteristics of the characters, and when this was installed at the venue, we tried to appeal to the audience attractively. I hope that many audiences have had a good time watching the characters that usually seen on the screen are made of sculptures much bigger than themselves.

이것이 최종적으로 만들어진 FRP 디자인이다. 우리는 이번 조형물들을 제작하면서 캐릭터의 특성을 잃지 않으면서 트랜디 해보이려 노력했고, 이것이 행사장에 설치 되었을 때 관객들에게도 매력적으로 어필할 수 있게 노력했다. 화면 속에서 주로 보던 캐릭터들을 자신보다 훨씬 더 큰 크기의 조형물로 제작된 모습을 보면서, 많은 관객들이 즐거운 시간을 보냈기를 바란다. 

4.玻璃钢制作落地 | Production of FRP

-泡沫雕刻 Carving based on foam plastic


The production process of these FRP starts with foam carving. Before we started, we needed to make the model in the computer 3D software, and then submit the 3D model to the factory to 3D print the foam model. Considering that the glass fiber reinforced plastic is generally large, the foam model will be assembled by using segmented modular printing. During the production, it is necessary to repeatedly check that the produced foam model is consistent with the design, and constantly polish and adjust. When the foam model shape is determined, the next step can be started.

-翻模 Modeling


Gypsum powder is generally chosen as the material for the modeling. The high-quality plaster powder is applied to the foam model with water. In the process of spray painting, some hemp thread will be added to increase the firmness of the plaster. After the plaster mold is dry ,foam model in the plaster is taken out and would be applied a layer of muddy water inside to facilitate the demolding of the glass fiber reinforced plastic in the back, and then apply resin and fiber cloth. After it dries, break the plaster mold and the glass fiber reinforced plastic model inside comes out.



After the FRP is shaped, under normal circumstances, the diameter of FRP exceeding 2m, and the height exceeding 2.5m needs to be welded internally as a support frame for reinforcement. After the mold is modeling, the demolded FRP is very rough. It is necessary to clean the surface with alkaline water, and polish the appearance of the FRP to repair the mold line, which makes the surface smooth and also adjust the details.

-上底漆 Primer


After repairing and polishing the FRP, the workers dusted on the surface of the FRP, and sprayed the epoxy primer, and also applied a layer of primer to the FRP (this step requires at least two times), in order to fill in the gaps and defects and make the model more realistic and complete. At the same time, it is much easier for subsequent printing and coloring.

-喷绘上色 Inkjet coloring


In the inkjet coloring stage, the paint color needs to be adjusted according to the design draft. This color adjustment needs to be tried continuously to achieve the color closest to the original design. This is a more rigorous process. Before coloring the prepared color, it will be tested on the sample board as needed, and the FRP inkjet will be painted once the color calibration is corrected. In the inkjet process, each color must be distinguished. At the same time, it is necessary to cover the colored parts to prevent the paint from affecting the coloring of other parts. After the painting is completed, spraying a layer of protective varnish on the surface of the glass fiber reinforced plastic can protect the surface from fading.

-大型玻璃钢安装 The installation of FRP


Some large FRP devices have to be segmented into components during the manufacturing process for easier installation in the future. After the production process is completed, it will be installed in the place where the FRP device is placed. The previous internal steel frame must be welded and fixed, and then the surface gap will be repaired, and the paint will be sprayed afterward. After all these, the device is finally installed.

-最终落地效果 Final effects


With the joint efforts of many partners in design, production and construction, FRP has officially launched on the stage!

“顽”个不停  Active CQQL PLAYERS


The secret of the design of Creative Installations has been introduced. In the next article, we will publicize the article about the construction of the whole exhibition. More exciting details will be shared. Please stay tuned. The next article will be more interesting.

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