Qzone Brand Renewal
QQ空间 品牌更新设计



Qzone is one of the most active communities in the whole industry in China. Since 2016, to gain a competitive edge over industry peers, Qzone introduced an overall brand renewal. The task was to refine and redefine the entire brand, including the Qzone brand image, the unified visual language, and the related user experience.

Design Strategy

它的重点不仅在于空间新形象的创造,而且在于目前品牌形象感受的保持。星星的外形确实给了我们挑战,因为本身的形状已经很复杂,所以添加另一个元素的确很勉强。经过大量的试验,我们决定使用原来的星星形象,摒弃不必要的元素。最后,呈现多样、灵活、 现代、有趣的品牌特征。

It was important to create the new images of Qzone but also to maintain the current Qzone brand asset. The ‘Star’ shape itself was already too specific, so it was really awkward to add other elements. After lots of trials, We just decided to use star shape itself rather than adding unnecessary elements. Finally, various patterns were designed by only using the star shape and those patterns add diversity, flexibility, modernity, and fun to the brand. 

The Formula

QQ空间的新视觉语言,使品牌更具表现力和吸引力。我们将对象 + 颜色 + 纹样组合成一个无限的公式,通过改变这些元素的成分比例,创造出新的、令人兴奋的、不偏离品牌的结果。

Qzone's new visual language enables the brand to be more expressive and attractive. From a consistent formula: Object + Color + Pattern, the combinations are almost limitless. By mixing, changing the proportions of our brand ingredients, Qzone can always create new and exciting results without deviating from the brand.



Qzone has lots of sub-products. We also redesigned Qzone sub-products icon that followed newly developed guidelines. Icon elements are also extracted from the Qzone star shape. Every product icon has been given efficient symbol while maintaining the integrity of the Qzone brand asset.

Brand Voice

制定品牌语言系统是与用户沟通的关键。 因此,我们把品牌的语言从一个复杂的会话简化成为熟悉的、有乐趣的、迎合QQ空间年轻用户的语言。

Formalizing a system of brand language is crucial to communicate with users. Therefore, we transformed the brand voice from expository and complicated to one more conversational, familiar and fun, to cater to the predominantly younger demographic of Qzone users.

Promotion Video


It is important to promote our new brand images to the audience. Our brand story was brought to life and communicated easily via video. Our internal staff modeled as a representative of the young users of Qzone. Moreover, a wide variety of motion was tested so the pattern could be shown more vibrantly to users.

这是一些制作过程。Process of making a promotion video.


As a result, we completed our promotion video containing all new brand asset of Qzone.

In 2018

自品牌更新以来,QQ空间开始和更多的品牌进行合作。 新的品牌形象让用户感受到新鲜、有趣和酷。而多样化的品牌语言,创造了更多QQ空间与年轻人的沟通方式。

After releasing our new brand look, Qzone was able to collaborate with many other brands. Our new Qzone brand image has integrated the Qzone approaches and facilitates interaction with users more actively through any medium and any channel.


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