QQ ╳ KAKAO FRIENDS限量潮玩2.0来袭!

1. About collaboration toy

关于 QQ x Ryan限定潮玩2.0  About QQ x Ryan limited edition toy 2.0
腾讯与Kakao Friends的首款合作玩具QQ x RYAN限量潮玩于 2020 QTX 首次亮相。得益于两个角色的超高人气,产品获得销售成功。由于第一个合作项目的成功,QQ xRyan限定潮玩2.0作为QQ和Kakao Friends合作的续集而诞生。在2021年夏天,QQ X RYAN限量潮玩2.0发布。

QQ x RYAN limited edition toy, a first collaboration toy between Tencent and Kakao Friends, made its debut at 2020 QTX. Thanks to the high popularity of the two characters, the product was successfully sold. Due to the success of the first collaboration project, QQ xRyan Limited toy 2.0 was produced as a sequel to the collaboration between QQ and Kakao Friends. So in this summer of 2021, QQ X RYAN Limited toy 2.0 will be released.


About Kakao Friends

Kakao是韩国具有代表性的IT公司,在韩国拥有全国知名的移动通讯服务业务。Kakao于2012年开发了名为Kakao Friends的角色品牌,并一直积极从事IP业务。Kakao Friends中最具代表性的角色是RYAN。 (欲知更多信息,请参阅文章:https://isux.tencent.com/articles/qq-kakao.html)

Kakao is a representative IT company in Korea and has a variety of businesses based on mobile messenger services with national awareness in Korea. Kakao developed a character brand named Kakao Friends in 2012 and has been actively engaged in the IP business. The most representative character among Kakao Friends is RYAN. For more information, please refer to the 1st limited toy article. *article link : https://isux.tencent.com/articles/qq-kakao.html

2. Design process
概念 Concept

如果说首款联名潮玩重点用两个人物的象征性外观来表达他们的初次相遇,那么这一次,我们让两个人物以更加动感的姿势自然地一起同行。基于“嘻哈”、“街头文化”爱好者的概念,滑板被选为这款玩具形象的特别配件。 我们参考滑板运动员的服装和姿势创作了几套角色方案,在其中选择了一个作为最终方案。

If the first limited toy focused on showing the symbolic appearance of the characters to express a new encounter between the two characters, this time we wanted to show that the two characters naturally enjoy together in a more dynamic posture. Applying the concept of ‘Hip-hop’ and ‘Street culture’ lovers, a skateboard was selected as a special item of this toy figure. We made proposals by applying various costumes and poses to the two characters referring to the image of skateboarders, and one of them was selected and produced as a limited toy.

角色姿势 Pose


This time, various items were added according to the concept. A skateboard has been added to the figures (you can attach and detach the board to the sole of the shoe) and QQ is wearing a hat and goggles. And a unique item proposed by the production company was added to the package, which is a skateboard ramp. (*ramp: A structure that can go up and down with the skateboard)

坡道设计 Ramp


There were various problems in the progress of designing the ramp. First, in order to find the size and ratio of the ideal pedestal to harmonize with the characters while being large enough to raise both figures, the 3D printing model was produced several times to check the actual size of the ramp and found a proper scale.

接下来,通过观察真实滑板坡道的图片,我们将街头涂鸦、贴纸融合的图形应用于坡道的各个面上。 此外,原型也被打磨修改多次,以便与这些跟真实效果相似的图形图像相结合。

Next, by examining actual ramp images, graphic images in the form of a combination of various graffiti, doodles, and stickers were designed and applied to each side of the ramp. In addition, prototypes have been produced and modified several times to apply these graphic images as similar as the original design effects.

创意草图 Idea Sketch
材质 Material 

坡道上装饰着用QQ和RYAN形象绘制的各种风格的插图和贴纸。 它还应用街头文化概念为坡道的各个部分添加了风化效果,它旨在给人一种自然友好的感觉,就像在一些破旧的空地常看到的那样。QQ和RYAN 也很随意地把手插在口袋里踩着滑板,表现出自然随性的风格。

The ramp contains various styles of illustrations and stickers applying QQ and RYAN characters. It also adds a weathering effect to various parts of the ramp applying the street culture concept, and it is designed to give a natural and friendly feeling that could be seen easily in an old empty lot around the neighborhood. QQ and RYAN also casually ride the skateboard with their hands in their pockets, expressing the natural and freewheeling style.

3D线框 3D Wireframe
细节 Details

最终成品 Final Rendering
豪华黑金款 Deluxe version

QQ x Ryan 限量潮玩2.0还有一个豪华版——黑金款感觉。 您可以看到QQ x RYAN潮玩上应用了极简的图形和奢华的金色材料。与原始版本不同,它给人一种别致而现代的感觉。

QQ x Ryan Limited toy 2.0 also has a deluxe version that feels more luxurious which is made in gold and black. You can see QQ x RYAN toy applied in minimal graphics and luxurious gold materials. Unlike the original version, it gives a chic and modern feel.

包装设计 Package design


The most important part in designing the package was to capture the feeling of street culture seen on toy design graffiti or skateboards. To this end, street cultural elements such as graffiti and paint splash were actively used when designing packages. The color consists of two tones, black and yellow, and is designed to follow the identity color of QQ and Ryan. The components of the package includes package box, authentication card and a graphic poster.


We also designed a package for the deluxe version that we intended to give a premium image through gold and black colors. Unlike the original version, we removed the graphic elements as much as possible and used only gold and black colors to create a luxurious and sophisticated image.

宣发物料设计 Promotion Design


We also made a short video for the toy promotion. The video was produced in the form of synthesizing 3D character animation into a video clip that filmed the live background. When filming the video, the camera angle was slightly lowered to match the character's eye level, and the camera moved while imagining the movement of the character. When synthesizing a character into a filmed background, the lighting and the light temperature was applied in consideration of realistic light.

QQ x Ryan潮玩IP还应用成了QQ相机中的装扮。它的制作创意是让用户感觉自己在和QQ、Ryan 一起玩滑板。在设计过程中,我们使用的是3D建模,但在上面应用了有2D卡通感觉的阴影效果,制作除了更有趣的视觉效果。

QQxRyan Toy IP was also used to create a filter demo that will be applied to QQcamera. This demo video was made with the concept of a user to feel as he is skateboarding with QQ and Ryan. Overall, we used the 3D modeling, but we made more interesting visuals by applying shading effect that feels like a 2D cartoon.


Thanks to the love of many toy collectors, QQ and RYAN have returned with Limited Edition Toy 2.0. You can look forward to this toy that will show diverse items and interesting details to see.

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